Reflection Journey

<b>Pond</b> <b>Reflection</b> - trees, <b>reflection</b>, zen, tranquility, lagoon, calm ...

Reflection journey stands pond memory past_

Clear or murky set by what we hold_

Offer what is upset to softness whisper harmony_

Gentleness teacher found true sight chosen_

Go ahead and set the table strong manifested spirit_

In the space full nurturing bounty abundance_

Open arms greet in recognition hug_

Joy banquet party group life shared_

Hold who we are remembered creation continued_

Ascend to awareness prepared for you and me and all_

Vibration Sunrise_

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Phil. 4:4 ...

Vibration sunrise yet again we step_

In days quest for what we need_

Not in fears driven media plan_

Only by sight true of open heart_

Cooperation calls to sing in playground day_

Everyone a part to rejoice in purest of play_

Through ancestor journey we awaken_

Spirit guide meditation sets the tone_

As we open our heart – our mind moves in that action_

As we intend our words – they move others by that vibration_

One of Two

am a Loony Beacon.

Word choice is ours only one of two_

What will come will be built one of densest ego or eternal love_

In this physical realm whatever the variety truth be only two_

Intuitive language of patterns and systems cascade through the eternal_

Can we be in time space energy the bridge shift to newest world_

Anew in evolution change the only constant through the eons _

Freedom divine will as one in rise to awakened day_

Sacred second awaits the time sliver remembered_

The way backward ego fear finally to dark to take_

The way forward with beacon eternal love foundation bridge creation here_

Creative Canvas of Play

Children (5-7) painting an earth mural

What if all we bring is the creative canvas of play_

Pass the colors around with musics feel_

Pour the spirit soul in nourishment shared_

Movements intuitive knowing sway in resistance wind_

Allow in understanding the nothingness of bad or good_

Release judgement in trimming our vine for thriving blossom_

Knowing winds return will soften by ebb and flow of  earths breath_

Stone surrenders smoothness only by frictions exhilaration_

Cleansing release of pasts illusion making way for living in love_

All in the warm symphony of days reflection_

Bridge to Vision_

Bridge to vision_

The word manifested to bring together_

Still recognition yet anew in dreams horizon_

In lions roar of declaration_

To the spirit whisper in stillness truth_

The transformation from physical to faith_

Just because it can not be seen yet_

Let us give nourishment of compassion_

In the lifting of downcast eyes upward_

With the simple gentleness of a smile_

In Our Struggle_

Posted by yuvaa at 7:47 AM

In our struggle_

We come to recognize our greatest strengths_

Recognition turns to remembrance _

Remembrance turns to understanding_

And we then are able to see gratitude_

We can walk in and be our strength with ease_

In the warm sun of gratitude_

Our struggles are simply the wind_

And the wind does not stay_

So we see our struggles truth simply as a passing breeze_

While living in sun warmth gratitude_