Reflection Journey

<b>Pond</b> <b>Reflection</b> - trees, <b>reflection</b>, zen, tranquility, lagoon, calm ...

Reflection journey stands pond memory past_

Clear or murky set by what we hold_

Offer what is upset to softness whisper harmony_

Gentleness teacher found true sight chosen_

Go ahead and set the table strong manifested spirit_

In the space full nurturing bounty abundance_

Open arms greet in recognition hug_

Joy banquet party group life shared_

Hold who we are remembered creation continued_

Ascend to awareness prepared for you and me and all_

Vibration Sunrise_

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Phil. 4:4 ...

Vibration sunrise yet again we step_

In days quest for what we need_

Not in fears driven media plan_

Only by sight true of open heart_

Cooperation calls to sing in playground day_

Everyone a part to rejoice in purest of play_

Through ancestor journey we awaken_

Spirit guide meditation sets the tone_

As we open our heart – our mind moves in that action_

As we intend our words – they move others by that vibration_

One of Two

am a Loony Beacon.

Word choice is ours only one of two_

What will come will be built one of densest ego or eternal love_

In this physical realm whatever the variety truth be only two_

Intuitive language of patterns and systems cascade through the eternal_

Can we be in time space energy the bridge shift to newest world_

Anew in evolution change the only constant through the eons _

Freedom divine will as one in rise to awakened day_

Sacred second awaits the time sliver remembered_

The way backward ego fear finally to dark to take_

The way forward with beacon eternal love foundation bridge creation here_

Creative Canvas of Play

Children (5-7) painting an earth mural

What if all we bring is the creative canvas of play_

Pass the colors around with musics feel_

Pour the spirit soul in nourishment shared_

Movements intuitive knowing sway in resistance wind_

Allow in understanding the nothingness of bad or good_

Release judgement in trimming our vine for thriving blossom_

Knowing winds return will soften by ebb and flow of  earths breath_

Stone surrenders smoothness only by frictions exhilaration_

Cleansing release of pasts illusion making way for living in love_

All in the warm symphony of days reflection_

Bridge to Vision_

Bridge to vision_

The word manifested to bring together_

Still recognition yet anew in dreams horizon_

In lions roar of declaration_

To the spirit whisper in stillness truth_

The transformation from physical to faith_

Just because it can not be seen yet_

Let us give nourishment of compassion_

In the lifting of downcast eyes upward_

With the simple gentleness of a smile_

In Our Struggle_

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In our struggle_

We come to recognize our greatest strengths_

Recognition turns to remembrance _

Remembrance turns to understanding_

And we then are able to see gratitude_

We can walk in and be our strength with ease_

In the warm sun of gratitude_

Our struggles are simply the wind_

And the wind does not stay_

So we see our struggles truth simply as a passing breeze_

While living in sun warmth gratitude_





Freedom of Formation_

Freedom of Formation_
Whatever it is_
It must be a progression_
A living art_
Title it – name it – box it in and that is all it will ever be… limited_
Like a changing river makes a new way_
See the way in the intuitive knowing of now_
The opportunities present and show themselves_
Be there in the stillness of a second in time to see_
Be the freedom to see in the now_

Gratitude Manifesting Abundance _


Gratitude Manifesting Abundance _

What if we awake to gratitude to truth _

In the first remembrance of our day _

Yes the tasks will be done _

In creation of allowing our knowing to be _

What if we see that inside our everyday tasks _

Rests the knowing that our only purpose is to be _

A bridge for another living being _

So our base truth is to truly see the ones we connect with _

In that we naturally bring our gifts _

The gifts that are always with us _

The gifts that are us _

And we share our gifts overflowing _

In the compounding eternal replenishment to the more we give _

So everyone receives … what they think they needed _

Until we all see gratitude manifesting abundance _

Awake from ego and the illusion of need want and lack _

To the remembrance of the joyous beings we are in eternal love _

How Did You Arrive At Your Last Meeting?


How Did You Arrive At Your Last Meeting?

Was it with a shield or a sword?  If we use one or the other in defense it is most certainly an attack.

Now imagine, arriving without either weapon….without ego.

Own how that would feel in just being your true essence of self:  Looking to coach and to learn in that process….

In that ease of exchange of thoughts, ideas, visions and dreams, we now have created a playground of creativity.  The only agenda being creation.

In that freedom of expression, we bring out the best in our team mates and ourselves.