Alone Lost to Awakened_

Alone the feeling so real in the separated state of physical ego realm_

Lost in the pain so real the struggle set as a given expected belief_

Startled  by the illusion interruption of fear upon truth peaceful being_

Remembrance in a sacred second of awareness that eternal love is being_

Universal light given the contrast fear to unveil truth reality consciousness_

Truth seen  in stillness calm and expand extend love our only gift our only need_

Trust in simple daily gratitude stillness of being eternal love_

Trust in powerful calm connected consciousness eternal love_



Dynamic Collecive_

In the group talent splashed heart compass pointed direction_

Ease  energy purpose passion contrast resolution friend_

Bold  belonging strength stance empathy path joined_

Laughter’s wave gratitude song unrehearsed momentum found freedom_

Joy lasting stillness captured for reflection  glance future doorway_

Through swing bandwidth always collaborative understood mission purpose_

Release the Luggage_


Let it go … Freedom is all in the release of yesterdays clinging ego fear_

Rise up wake up from ego to the gift of ease divine bliss in gratitude_

And yes the ego deserves to come along laughing for this new ride_

Sharing with all of soul spirit ego/personality only path conscious wholeness_

Letting go of who where when what went wrong because it’s alright now after all_

Judging  is the sludge heavy luggage … let it go ascend to freedom_

Ascend past through beyond it all with ease soul spirit and ego calmed_

Awakened to see the true light of our belonging in eternal love ours always_


Storm Rolling In_

And the old storm keeps on rolling in_

Giving contrast to see freedom when light appears anew_

Giving contrast to let ourselves unlatch from captures illusion fear_

And we awaken experience talent expressed skill purpose_

Allowing group work/play in sun basking creation innovation_

In shared group vision purpose is our release from fear to love_

And the old storm keeps on rolling in_

The song deep  humans core is always a simple cry to extend love_

To remind us in our everyday to show love is our way to soul spirit joy_

To remind us the storm shaking our hearts – is shaking us towards each other_