Power of One_

Commitment exploration understanding search for wholeness_

The one that is three combined in this physical realm_

Allness wholeness connectiveness joyousness manifested_

Courage vulnerability shift from fear to eternal love kindest touch_

Desperation illusion separateness left aside for good_

Time allowing seeing lifting up of the sea of down cast eyes_

All together we are journey seeking to come together now_

I am you and you are me and we are all just one_


Show Up_

Unforeseen unthinkable disruptive shifts in expectations_

Engage in the process bring our needed sacred purpose_

Courage in vulnerability willful sharing our essence soul_

Show up – you never know what gifts universal divine will manifest_

Unforeseen journey challenged tried agitated disregarded_

Engage that gem formation our self being more than enough_

Courage our friend our voice to offer to be still to allow_

Show up – you never know what gifts universal divine will manifest_

From Special to Sacred Relationship_


Is our hope chained to physical reward to end denial truth eternal_

Are we alone separate awaiting translation sight ego soul spirit wholeness_

Take a picture precious capture sacred second proof of time seen_

From special relationship emotion to translation unity of whole beings_

Our sacred relationship is of evolution ego soul spirit as one in human form_

Achievement in old world old man rules broken forever – time for release of all time_

In the release of time past and future to the only eternal now_

The sacred way spirit soul relationship is self awareness ego understanding humanity_

Recognition remembrance giving birth evolution to higher self serving humanity_

We are – our freedom is in recognition wholeness ego soul spirit in human form_


All That We Need_

Many times what we need shows up as distasteful unwanted pure ego_

Pure ego animal reaction survival remembrance hurt awakens anger hate _

Again as oceans wave comes unrelenting awaiting our release of illusion fear_

Illusion ego seen will produce ceremony funeral loss bitterness darkness_

So we sleep at end day to awaken once again with sunrise symbol eternal love_

And again we step forward in our day to share brilliance simple smile gratitude_

In return we receive what we give by intent intuitive heart_

Salvation by giving soul spirit love our only way to peace_

Healing Unity Harmony_

Healing allowing accepting uniqueness fully played joyous life_

Integrated song dance art ego spirit soul_

Triangulation replenishing energy universal intuitive pattern_

Compounding addition Fibonacci way divine innovated balance_

Tide waves breath taken ground air water space eternal one_

From limited to the always harmony divine intuitive_

From fear to the always healing unity eternal love_

Empathy Doorway Understanding_

Understanding courageous search experience subtle wave caress_

Perseverance faith fed spring endless cascading bounty our nourishment_

Path laid trust contrast reflections strength banish false fear_

Judgement laid down empathy glance transcends us to soulful ease in being_

Every step as first breath exhilaration seeking knowing sun fed sight_

Every power drawn upon purposeful entry through doorway empathy_

Meditation to Creation_

Our quiet space sacred time reflection in the now_

Our spirit intuitive thoughts flow patterns systems of all_

Light infused soul spirit to ego begins creative wholeness of mind_

Only from the inclusion stillness centeredness acceptance to gratitude_

Freedom from murky water separation desperation illusions fear_

Formed contrast seen come together with thriving abundance momentum_

We can bring the all of meditation sight to be in the now_

We can receive effortless source love in the giving of it to another_




Old Energy to New

Growth organic as rain to sun to soil to green_

Energy old to new stream flow be disruption to cooperation_

Rocks stand rivers flow transformation smooth gained by the experience_

Progression translation evolution being always as change_

The grand illusion carved in sliver of remembered past_

The release being in stillness awakened healing sight freedom_

Storms arrive as egos collide in meetings table opportunity_

Calm effort slows emotion storm sight to pathway empathy understanding_


Being With All_

How we treat ourselves is how we treat the world_

Our relationship with all source divine are the eyes we see with_

Our vision is what and how we see ourselves in everyone_

When our friend is lost our light is needed to be a symbol of the way_

The light we have is so easy to give and can not be contained just for ourselves_

Witness to breath scream fear all that is needed is simple smile gratitude friend_

The daily steps we take with everyday words we build our world awakened_

Awakened by that love not material a love translated from spirit to be this world_

A world seemingly far horizon away in truth already in being with us_

Light awareness vision and dear smile gratitude is being with all_

Smile of Gratitude_

Smile of gratitude as easy sunrise cascades nurturing_

Appreciation table set full welcoming warmth fellowship_

Solutions sprout calm effortless mind intuitive_

Most powerful energy abundance in present suns ray_

Ease of the little we give to total harvest full sunset_

Compounding addition seeds growth natures way_

Already done already given simply awaiting our remembrance_

Gratitude lights our way down chosen days path_

More than enough given effortless divine suns ray_

More than enough for us to extend gratitude loves smile_