Helpful Gratitude Purpose_

We step into our day full of sacred moments_

We step to greet to help those awaiting release ripple effect_

Guided by subtle adjustments of eternal love into our free will_

Guide by gentle smiles of recognition laughter remembrance_

Ease gracious flow cascading awareness_

Eternal love being with energy universal organic_

Action with natures being – step into joyous life purpose play_

Ours now as always – ours now more clearly seen_

Awake to kindness old friend ego has brought contrast to see light_

Awake to personality/ego now dawned with spirit soul_

Awake to gentleness as inner child receives nourishment_

Awake to realization our wholeness comfort of all_






Catharsis Crucible Freedom_


In the growth so personal transformed to sight from shadow to light_

In the allowing of our passage through the eye of the needle to be seen by others_

Freedom the sound felt shared in laughter roar declaration recognition_

Purpose we share what is soul pain released by giving our help away in freedom_

With our brothers and sisters we step in group we heal_

With energy global and universes spirit audience cheered encouragement_

Again we step into our day shared_

Again we step never alone again_


Seed to Forest_

In the now a stillness suspended view_

Vortex flow received in being simply connected_

Daily our step in only commitment to help and lift up_

Recharged rejuvenated sustained in breath in living in ease_

Seeing recognition of eons fullest panoramic vantage tranquility_

Today anew awaited gifted accepted cherished and given away shared_

In the motion of the momentum extending love eternal gratitude in simple smile_

Awakened to effortless being in tribal ancestral richness acknowledged shared again_

Path of Adjustments_


Simple constant adjustments free of past expectations experiences_

To see anew allowing today’s formation unprejudiced … free of illusion_

Eternal heart accepting simple new meetings as a chance to help unveiled_

The past swept away with clearing spirit guidance freedom for the asking_

Refreshed burden free brisk walk illuminated gratitude journeys path of faith_

Breath of joyous natures calm song of intuitive ancestral blanket warmth_


Awakened Walk_

Tuned in vibration release love serving others in awareness self_

Vibration unity with individual art translation complete_

Vast inter world group wholeness tapestry ego soul spirit bound_

Awakened walk step up into eons vision cascading symphony past_

Clearing remembered our being masterful presence allow ease state_

Vortex structure motion energy built universe understanding in the now_




Ripple Expanse_

Propelled into energy impact reaction chain extended_

Be as we are and allow immersed pattern compounding addition_

Simple step ease contribution fearless joy proclaimed_

And to go And to be And to add And to stillness aura impact_

Stillness add ripple expanse vibrational language absorbed_

Pool collective bounty nourishment freedom poured over being_

Received will movement momentum contribution infused all_

Ease state recognized attraction formula wave purifying us_


Dynamic Collecive_

In the group talent splashed heart compass pointed direction_

Ease  energy purpose passion contrast resolution friend_

Bold  belonging strength stance empathy path joined_

Laughter’s wave gratitude song unrehearsed momentum found freedom_

Joy lasting stillness captured for reflection  glance future doorway_

Through swing bandwidth always collaborative understood mission purpose_

Release the Luggage_


Let it go … Freedom is all in the release of yesterdays clinging ego fear_

Rise up wake up from ego to the gift of ease divine bliss in gratitude_

And yes the ego deserves to come along laughing for this new ride_

Sharing with all of soul spirit ego/personality only path conscious wholeness_

Letting go of who where when what went wrong because it’s alright now after all_

Judging  is the sludge heavy luggage … let it go ascend to freedom_

Ascend past through beyond it all with ease soul spirit and ego calmed_

Awakened to see the true light of our belonging in eternal love ours always_


Ours to Carry_

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Carry what you will in ego projections until times end_

Judgement jury born ego love of barter trade purchase_

Mans dogma words fear egos captured faithless toil_

Ours to carry truth light as breath joyous gratitude ease remembered_

Eternal love given effortless every day ebb and flow_

Release into eternal will … freedom pure process crucible_

After all out of times cage into eternal sacred moment now_

Universal Fibonacci spiral sequence divine formation ease remembered_





Personal Freedom_

Freedom requires extreme  inner reflection perseverance storm to calm_

Splash the light on deepest  darkest place hidden freedoms key awaiting release_

Protection safety security fear swept away with free will faith eternal love_

Declaration standing in stillness tranquility ease of soul spirit group life_

Such a simple ask … such a simple awareness_

Holy spirit take away that which is not mine to carry_