We’re Live right NOW!

I can’t express my gratitude enough for all the support and kind words that have been sent my way over the past two weeks.

Without your support, this book launch could not have been possible.

Thank you!

We are live right now in our online book party release event:

TODAY – Saturday, March 10, 2018
1PM – 3PM PST / 3PM – 5PM CST / 4PM – 6PM EST
Awake from Ego Facebook Group

Tune in to learn more intimate details about my journey. The live event will be hosted by Master Business Coach Niquenya Collins who partnered with me to bring this book to life in just 3 months!

Awake from Ego: Creation within the 2 Basic Languages of Human Beings is already live and available for purchase on Amazon. Please do consider supporting by grabbing your copy today!

See you in an hour!


Awake from Ego: Creation within the 2 Basic Languages of Human Beings

Available NOW on Amazon!

Awake from Ego Officially Launches Today!

Today is the day!

Awake from Ego: Creation within the 2 Basic Languages of Human Beings

Available TODAY on Amazon!

In just a few hours, I will be officially launching the Awake from Ego platform with the release of my first book in a series, Awake from Ego: Creation within the 2 Basic Languages of Human Beings.

This is your official invitation to join me during my online release party event.

TODAY – Saturday, March 10, 2018
1PM – 3PM PST / 3PM – 5PM CST / 4PM – 6PM EST
Awake from Ego Facebook Group

During the launch event, I will share more intimate details about my journey and the actual process I took to bring this book to life. And of course, you will have the opportunity to support by purchasing your own copy of the book.

If you haven’t already, mark your calendar and make sure to join the Facebook group to access the online event. Feel free to share this invitation with others whom may find value in this work.

See you then!


Remembrance Beauty Abundance

Stillness second times glimpse simple gift

Awakened breath motion flow manifested

Creations thread woven our canvas formed

Being  knowing belonging songs heart intuitive

Beauty sun earths rhythm water life reflection

Delight truth vision ever creating landscape

See feel  language song eternal joy as always

Time slowed recognition breath surfs play

Free Flowing_

Let’s take the river ride in it’s natural flow_

In the ease – all that ease – making it our own_

It’s all just there – everyday for us – making it our own_

Yes to being – singing it out – yes to the ease of flow_

Pure energy – bursting from eternal – love shared_

Let’s take the river ride in it’s natural flow_

Everyone is perfectly in journey self and appreciated collaboration_

Everyone is in harmony being tuned into universal motion_

As pure as we always have been in co-creation_

As pure as we are in living ease in the now_

I Appreciate You_

I appreciate you_

The sound intersecting the horizon of eternal love_

I appreciate you_

Boldly for being all you are_

Kindly for your energy creating your art_

Sharing the uniqueness reflecting we are one and all_

Bring and share again today the priceless diamond you are_

And shine your freedom felt in stillness_

The reflection the remembrance we are all one_

I appreciate you … how beautiful that sounds_

I appreciate you … how shared gratitude feels_

How gracious the effect down cast eyes lifting and souls awakening_

Stillness Held_

Stillness the morning breath awakened to passion purpose step_

Grounded the ease of resting under summer green leafed shade_

Lifted by thousands tender blades softness angels there seen and felt_

Song wind rushing in with leaves breath filtered sun rays dance_

Suspended in this world between worlds to hear to see intuitive knowing_

Being still … being with … being part of being whole_

Empathy to understanding of ego self to awakened humane being_

Truth eternal love in strongest calm gratitude ease stillness held_


We are the Bridge_

Our words in meditative intention_

Intuitive linguist manifesting playground sky_

Sunflower soul sky rain transformed celestial wine_

Thoughts build within wind surfing leafs rushing song_

Inside the sacred instant time translation heaven accepted_

World in the now woven life with aspiration of divine continuum_

Animal plant and mineral realms open concert ego wrapped spirit soul_

Our gift our words our dreams the bridge realized in conscious awakened ego_





Intuitive Servant Heart_

Stillness calm reflection eternal love_

Ease in morning mist daylights ray veils release_

Born in sunrise whisper warm breath_

Caress clovers remembrance of moon light blanket_

Being in creation knowing ease truth nourishment_

Heart natural attraction flower eternal love_

Align connect once again with longing passion purpose_

Intuitive servant heart instrument playing universal symphony_


Group Gathering Purpose_

Strength and weakness ego wrapped in blanket spirit soul_

Our pattern woven of wounded love past tender youth_

Carried hurt manifesting tangible foundation in far off island dwelling_

Fortress armed vigilante guard promised defense certain attack_

Ray of light meditation intent touching stones path spoken pure_

Smile to laughter knowing dualities journey sharing voice to found self_

Voice in heart empathy  felt and worn by choice in new path only dreamed before_

Visions calm manifested now in second of thought in awakened mind_

Words building shapes pour through as tears blood release bitter veiled wound_

For you and me vulnerability breeds strength from fear to embraced eternal love_

Alone Lost to Awakened_

Alone the feeling so real in the separated state of physical ego realm_

Lost in the pain so real the struggle set as a given expected belief_

Startled  by the illusion interruption of fear upon truth peaceful being_

Remembrance in a sacred second of awareness that eternal love is being_

Universal light given the contrast fear to unveil truth reality consciousness_

Truth seen  in stillness calm and expand extend love our only gift our only need_

Trust in simple daily gratitude stillness of being eternal love_

Trust in powerful calm connected consciousness eternal love_