Being With All_

How we treat ourselves is how we treat the world_

Our relationship with all source divine are the eyes we see with_

Our vision is what and how we see ourselves in everyone_

When our friend is lost our light is needed to be a symbol of the way_

The light we have is so easy to give and can not be contained just for ourselves_

Witness to breath scream fear all that is needed is simple smile gratitude friend_

The daily steps we take with everyday words we build our world awakened_

Awakened by that love not material a love translated from spirit to be this world_

A world seemingly far horizon away in truth already in being with us_

Light awareness vision and dear smile gratitude is being with all_

One thought on “Being With All_

  1. Joe,
    It is very interesting that when I read this blog I feel that it encourages me to spend more time in the present moment without coming out and directly saying it. Well done.


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