Gratitude Manifesting Abundance _

What if we awake to gratitude to truth _

In the first remembrance of our day _

Yes the tasks will be done _

In creation of allowing our knowing to be _

What if we see that inside our everyday tasks _

Rests the knowing that our only purpose is to be _

A bridge for another living being _

So our base truth is to truly see the ones we connect with _

In that we naturally bring our gifts _

The gifts that are always with us _

The gifts that are us _

And we share our gifts overflowing _

In the compounding eternal replenishment to the more we give _

So everyone receives … what they think they needed _

Until we all see gratitude manifesting abundance _

Awake from ego and the illusion of need want and lack _

To the remembrance of the joyous beings we are in eternal love _

Gratitude Manifesting Abundance _

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